Cat S22 Unboxing – Smartly Simple, Flippin’ Tough | T-Mobile

The Cat S22 is the latest offering from T-Mobile, for those looking for a simple yet extremely durable smartphone. Get a closer look at what makes this small device so unique and so tough! Watch more videos here:

Caterpillar S22 Key Specs:
· IP68 protection against sand, dust, dirt, humidity, and salt mist
· 2.8” gorilla glass screen with wet-finger / glove on working technology
· 2000mAh long lasting battery
· 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM
· Push-to-talk communications
· Android 10 (GO Edition)
· Waterproof and washable

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In this #TMobile #Unboxing we take a look at the simple and tough #CatS22 for those looking at new era flip phones