Trump threatens the biggest stock market crash in HISTORY if he loses to Biden and claims there are five things the DOJ could investigate Haley for in wild speech to MAGA fans before South Carolina primary

Former President Donald Trump railed against Nikki Haley and Joe Biden in his final rally before the South Carolina primary.

During the hour-and-a-half remarks, Trump promoted MAGA-nomics to fix the flailing economy and slammed the multiple indictments against him while also going after Haley, who remains in the primary against him.

Speaking to thousands of fired-up South Carolinian supporters at Winthrop Coliseum in Rock Hill, Trump predicted the largest stock market crash in U.S. history if he loses to President Biden in November.

‘We’re not very worried about tomorrow,’ Trump said of the South Carolina primary election on Saturday. ‘We want to aim for November 5.’

Haley was hoping to garner support in her home state after losing Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada, but all polls show Trump is still around 30 percentage points against the former governor of South Carolina.

Former President Donald Trump rallied in Rock Hill, South Carolina on the even of the state’s Republican primary where he’s leading his final rival, the former governor of the state Nikki Haley, by nearly 30 points

In 2017, Trump tapped Haley to become his Ambassador to the United Nations, cutting short her gubernatorial term.

McMaster was voted Lieutenant Governor of South Carolina in 2014 – and when Haley vacated her position in January 2017, he took over and remains in the governor’s mansion.

The South Carolina governor was present at Trump’s rally on Friday and introduced the former president. McMaster was an early and avid supporter of Trump in his first bid for office, evening claiming to be the first elected politician to support Trump.

McMaster delivered the nominating speech at the Republican National Convention after Trump won the Republican nomination in 2016.

Trump said to roughly 6,000 attendees that he didn’t want to spend too much time talking about Haley, but conceded it was necessary to discuss his primary competitor with polls opening Saturday morning.

He told the arena of supporters on Friday afternoon that the Justice Department could launch a handful of investigations into Haley, but said he wouldn’t name for what crimes.

Former President Donald Trump arrives for his South Carolina primary eve rally in Rock Hill, South Carolina. The Republican frontrunner touted MAGA-nomics in the hour and a half long speech and also said the stock market would crash if he lost to President Joe Biden 

Meanwhile, he blasted the series of lawsuits against him as ‘bulls***.’

Most voters name the economy as the single most important issue to them going into the 2024 election, and many say President Biden’s flagship policy – Bidenomics – isn’t cutting it.

Trump likes to tout the economic successes under his administration versus what is happening in the U.S. economy now, including record-high inflation and rising prices on food and gas.

‘With your vote, we will vanquish Bidenomics, which is a very negative term, you know,’ Trump said to booing supporters. ‘He [Biden] heard the term, he loved it. No, that’s a really bad term. It didn’t work.’

He added: ‘And we will reinstate MAGA-nomics. That’s right. You guessed it. And we will bring our country back from hell, our country’s been through hell.’

In September 2023, Biden’s team coined the term ‘MAGA-nomics’ as a way to attack Trump’s economic policies. But now the former president is embracing it.

‘If we lose, you’re going to have a crash like you wouldn’t believe,’ Trump predicted.

‘If we lose – that’s an incentive, if you have stock – if we have a tragedy happen on November 5 – it would be a tragedy – in the opinion of many and in my opinion, you will have the largest stock market crash we have ever had,’ the former president added.

Trump’s top surrogate in South Carolina, Sen. Tim Scott, spoke briefly before the former president’s arrival in Rock Hill and insisted: ‘We need a commander-in-chief who brings world peace.’

‘Tomorrow, let’s send a message: The Republican primary is over. And Donald Trump is the nominee.’

Also teeing up the former president’s remarks were a slew of high-profile lawmakers, including Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene (Ga.), Nancy Mace (S.C.), Byron Donalds (Fla.) and Russell Fry (S.C.), among others.

Asked if he’s upset with Haley’s decision to continue on in the race, Rep. Fry told ‘I don’t understand the calculation.’

‘I think we should stop fighting amongst ourselves and get behind one candidate and that should be Donald Trump,’ he added.

Fry said he expects a ‘blowout’ on Saturday, noting the massive polling lead Trump has over Haley in South Carolina.

South Carolina is the fourth and final early contest state in the 2024 Republican presidential primary and voters in the state will have their final chance to weigh-in on their preferred candidate on Saturday.