Keep bananas fresh for 10 days by placing them in one kitchen location

Bananas are a staple fruit in households but are often left to turn brown before they all get consumed.

Where they are stored within the kitchen can have a huge impact on how long the fruit lasts, and certain areas should be avoided.

However, according to Kate Hall, food expert and founder of The Full Freezer, storing the fruit in the fridge can help to elongate their use by date by up to 10 days once ripened.

Once the bananas have reached the desired colour, simply pop them in the fridge away from other fruit items.

Placing the fruit in the fridge once it has reached this stage will help to stop the ripening process, preserving it in its current state.

The expert added: “If bananas are past the point of us wanting to eat them, you can peel them and then freeze them.”

From frozen, Britons can use the fruit to make smoothies or even homemade ice cream in the summer.

Sarah Bridenstine, professional baker and chef, said bananas have their own “quirky storage needs” which should be followed.

The expert said: “To speed up the ripening of green bananas, bag them up. The gases they emit will work their magic.

“Once they’re perfectly cool, keep them cool to slow down over-ripening. Fridge them once they’re ripe to halt the blackening.

“The insides will still be sweet. Bananas release crazy amounts of gas that can prematurely ripen nearby fruit so store them separately.

“If you have overripe bananas, you have a baking jackpot. You can make bread, smoothies or even sugar, don’t toss them.”

Similarly, bread can also be stored in the fridge to help make it last longer than its expiration date.

Sophie Trueman, in-house waste expert at Too Good To Go, recommended storing bread in the fridge, especially when it comes to sliced sandwich bread.

The expert said the loaf will “last much longer, extending its expiration date”. It is important to seal the bread up and avoid placing it close to any fruit or vegetables to help make it last longer.

Keep it away from bananas or onions to help preserve it much longer than usual.