'I tried the divisive food trend that's broccoli-bombing the nation – vegetable chocolate'

As I’ve been teetering on the edge of a toxic relationship lately, I decided it was time to turn things around and have a health kick on Valentine’s Day instead.

That said, everything about this veg-infused combination told me it would be the Marmite effect.

After all, I’m partial to a pile of tenderstem broccoli on my plate, while my sweet tooth guarantees any type of chocolate is irresistible – but both together? How could it possibly work?

A quick glance on Instagram, where the bizarre “broccolates” are featured, told me other bemused foodies were wondering the same.

“Bit early for April Fools…” one exclaimed, while another argued: “No. No. No. I love broccoli. I love chocolate – but this is a clear no, no no!”

Hilariously, a third declared: “My husband would leave me!” although a supporter shot back: “He needs to grow up then – clearly has the palate of a child!”

There was only one thing for it – I’d have to try it out myself.

The instant I opened the bright red, rose-petal-filled presentation box on Valentine’s Day, the delicious scent of chocolate filled my nostrils.

The packaging invited peckish purchasers to “show your tender side” as it promised a box of “limited edition fresh dark chocolates filled with a gentle Tenderstem broccoli-infused fresh cream and white chocolate ganache, paired with notes of almond”.

Yet the broccoli was blended with such expert subtlety that it didn’t clash with the other tastes at all – and my first bite was surprisingly moreish.

The only obvious sign of vegetables was each handmade chocolate’s carefully crafted bright green centre.

Buyers can balance out the kick of a sugary snack with the health benefits of Tenderstem broccoli, including blood pressure maintenance and possible anti-cancer properties.

Typically this veg is found either in supermarkets or eateries like Carluccios, Zizzi and Wagamama, and the last place the average foodie would expect to find it is in a box of chocolates.

Yet there it was, along with a Valentine’s poem which spilled out when I opened the box.

It read: “In this Valentine’s spirit, a surprise so sweet, this Tender-Choc is for you, love at first treat.

“Handmade by Chococo, it’s a tasty blend, pureed Tenderstem┬« in each chocolate friend.

“Nine dark goodies, a delight so true, almond and cream, for your love and you.

“Spatters of green, so playful and bright, on Valentine’s Day, savour the delight.”

As for whether broccoli-bombing your beau could end a relationship, as one Instagrammer jokily suggested, you’ll have to try it and find out – but regardless, this mouthwateringly unconventional treat should absolutely be sampled at least once.

For more information on the chocolates, head to Tenderstem today, while stocks last

source: express.co.uk