Flowerless and yellowed peace lilies ‘continually flower and grow green leaves’ in 3 steps

Peace lilies failing to flower and their leaves turning yellow are two of owners’ most popular dilemmas.

Known to be quite the fussy houseplant, peace lilies show strong signs when they are unhappy. 

Fed up with her peace lily in this state, one woman shared how she revived her “very poorly” houseplant.

Posting a picture of her peace lily that had grown six magnificently white blooms and dark vibrant leaves, Michelle Mouland took to the Gardening Hints and Tips Facebook page to share how she did this.

The gardening enthusiast explained that the process involved splitting up the houseplant, pruning and fertilising it.

Michelle said: “I had one very poorly looking peace lily which wasn’t flowering and the leaves were turning yellow, so I decided to take the knife to it. 

“I split the plant into two, cut back all the dying yellow leaves and fed it tomatoes food and now it is continually flowering and growing luscious green leaves.”

So in love with her peace lily, she decided to buy another and keeps them both in her bathroom near a north-facing window.

The post was flooded with comments, with many thanking Michelle for the tips while others noted they’d seen the same results when trying this out.

Brenda Lloyd said: “Must try that, mine looks healthy but hasn’t flowered for a few years so perhaps it needs splitting.”

Tina Winstead wrote: “I’ll try this process on mine it’s really big and needs to be separated thank you for the tip.”

Chloe Giles replied: “Thanks for sharing – my peace lily is exactly the same. Now I know how to make it better.”

Eileen Butler said: “Thanks for the tip. Had the leaves go my plant turning yellow so will try the tomato feed.”

A sign that your plant is suffering from a lack of nitrogen, iron, or magnesium is that the areas surrounding veins in the leaves will turn yellow. This is a condition called chlorosis. 

You can safely fertilise your peace lily every six weeks while your plant is actively growing in the spring and summer. However, pause all fertilising during autumn and the winter months.

Michael Walton commented: “I had exactly the same problem and nearly lost the plant! I cut off the section of the plant that was dying off and repotted the healthy bit. I now have a healthy plant that flowers.”

Pruning a peace lily will maintain its overall health and aesthetics, besides encouraging new growth and blooms.

Tess Fields said: “I have two of these plants, which I heard were good to keep harmful ions from the house. 

“Although the plants are healthy with nice green leaves, the lilies stay green and don’t go white. So I have followed your tip Michelle and given them both a good watering with tomato feed. It’s worked wonders. Thank you.”

source: express.co.uk