A glitch in the Matrix? Woman freaks out after seeing her chickens acting VERY strangely

  • Life coach Brianna Antionette posted the video of her chickens on TikTok
  • The birds froze for more than two minutes and refused to move 
  • Commentators suggested the birds were frozen in fear   

A woman is convinced there was ‘a glitch in the matrix’ after her chickens stopped moving and remained in place for more than two minutes.

Brianna Antionette posted a TikTok yesterday of her feeding at least five hungry chickens that sprinted away just seconds into the clip.

The birds suddenly stopped running at the same time and remained in place near a shiny green light despite Antionette’s attempts to get them to move.

The life coach couldn’t believe her eyes and kept wondering what was causing the birds to freeze in time.

When she yelled, ‘Nick,’ the chickens began running again as if nothing had happened, leaving her dumbfounded.

Brianna Antionette posted a TikTok yesterday of her feeding at least five hungry chickens that suddenly stopped moving at the same time

The life coach had no idea what was going on and repeatedly yelled ‘chickens’ while the birds remained in place

The chickens remained still for more than two minutes despite Antionette’s attempts to get them to move

Antionette was not the only TikToker surprised by her chickens, with one calling it ‘the mannequin challenge.’

One person commented: ‘Ummmm this is like the best evidence I’ve seen for a glitch in the matrix.’

‘The people controlling the matrix totally freaking out trying to fix the glitch,’ another TikToker commented.

Other users compared the video to ‘Simon Says’ and one person even suggested they were playing Squid Game. 

‘They were playing SQUID GAMES – they’re on red light you jus have to say “green light” & they’ll move,’ a TikToker wrote.

Other users suggested that the reason why Antionette’s chickens froze was because of fear, specifically from hawks.

If chickens do sense predators like hawks, they will stop moving in order to protect their underbellies called the chicken submissive squat.

People are convinced that what happened was ‘a glitch in the matrix’ or that the chickens wanted to play Squid Games or the mannequin challenge

TikTok users were shocked to see all of the chickens stop at once, but some members were not fooled, and explained the likely reason why Antionette’s chickens froze in place

Another ‘glitch in the matrix’ incident that occurred last April was of water streaming down a sheet of metal at a strange speed. 

A video of this ‘glitch’ was posted on Reddit by an unnamed user that social media users say doesn’t follow physics. 

‘They got to fix this bug,’ the user wrote in the caption.

Other Reddit users also referred to the water stream as ‘a glitch’ and made references to The Matrix and Harry Potter films. 

In reality, the odd water stream was because of hydrophobicity – the property of a molecule that is repelled from water.

‘Water is a polar substance and creates weak hydrogen bonds with other molecules of itself – this makes water “sticky”. That sticky quality mixed with a hydrophobic surface (the metal) leads to what you’re seeing,’ a Reddit user wrote.

Besides metal, other surfaces that could lead water to stream chaotically include  alkanes, oils, fats, and greasy substances. 

source: dailymail.co.uk