Stay warm without sacrificing style with the Helios Paffuto Heated Unisex Vest

TL;DR: Leaving the house in the winter can be tough, but this heated unisex vest by Helios makes it way easier. Ahead of Black Friday, it’s only $74.97 (reg. $149) through November 27!

While heading out to run errands or commuting to work wrapped in your favorite warm, fuzzy blanket sounds heavenly during the colder months of the year, it’s hardly realistic. But, staying toasty in frigid temps doesn’t have to be that outlandish, especially when you have a heated vest in your closet. 

Staying cozy is the name of the game when it comes to the Helios Paffuto. This unisex heated vest boasts a built-in heating system that keeps your upper body toasty, and it’s now on sale ahead of Black Friday for only $74.97 (reg. $149) through November 27!

Designed to be comfortable and with graphene fabric to distribute heat evenly as you wear it, the Helios Paffuto will be your new best friend in the upcoming frigid months. You can control its heat levels, tailoring it to fit your comfort level exactly. Plus, you can benefit from its insulated waterproof material, which ensures it stays dry and works efficiently no matter how nasty it happens to get outside. 

In addition to keeping you warm and snug, this heated vest is convenient in other ways as well, as it features a detachable hood with 3M fillings for added facial warmth and generously sized pockets for your wallet, keys, and whatever else you like to keep in arm’s reach. Built to last, the Helios Paffuto vest is also safe to pop into the washing machine, staying clean in tip-top shape wash after wash. 

It’s also designed to be water-resistant to rain, wind, and snow and is anti-static so you can wear it comfortably throughout the day.

Keeping your heated vest warmed up and ready to go is easy. Simply hook it up to its included USB power bank located in its interior pocket, and you’re good to go — just be sure to remove it before putting it into the washing machine!

Stay toasty and stylish this winter with this sleek, ultra-warm winter accessory.

Score Black Friday savings on the Helios Paffuto Heated Unisex Vest, which comes with a power bank, for just $74.97 through November 27 at 11:59 p.m. Pacific. No coupon necessary! 

Prices subject to change.