You can break Cyberpunk 2077's movement and become a flying V with this busted build

Every game is made better with an air dash, especially Cyberpunk 2077, and especially if you’re packed to the gills with military grade combat cyberware. Over the last few weeks of freelancing in Dogtown, I’ve been able to drastically slash my commute by comboing the air dash with double jumps from the reinforced tendons cyberware upgrade.

The air dash perk is gated behind the third tier of Reflex perks, requiring 15 attribute points to access. Investing the first two perk points into the node just conveys some stat  bonuses for boring old ground dashes; the third point finally unlocks the air dash ability. While all the dash related perks are great for both mobility and damage mitigation, you don’t need anything other than the third level of air dash to make this combo do work for you. Next, head to a ripperdoc and pick up the Reinforced Tendons cyberware.