Wordle today: Hint and answer for #835 Monday, October 2

There’s a hint for today’s Wordle waiting just below if you’d like a helping hand with your daily game, as well as a selection of general tips designed to improve every guess you make, too. Need something a little more direct? I’ve got it covered. The answer to the October 2 (835) Wordle is never more than a quick click away.

I do love it when I get to kick off my Wordle week with a quick game, everything falling into the right places before I’ve even had a chance to rush off down all the wrong rabbit holes with far too many wasted guesses. With a bit of luck I’ll be able to say the same tomorrow—fingers crossed.

Wordle today: A hint

(Image credit: Josh Wardle)

Wordle today: A hint for Monday, October 2

source: gamezpot.com