Ukraine war LIVE: Putin sigh of relief as European country 'will stop helping Zelensky'

Slovakia’s election has sent shockwaves through the Western alliance as the victory of pro-Russian former Prime Minister Robert Fico’s populist SMER party threatens the crack Europe’s united front in support of Ukraine.

Fico emerged from the election with some 23 percent of the vote which leaves SMER in a pole position to form a coalition if the left-wing party can find a partner for government.

Throughout Ficao’s election campaign, the former Slovak Prime Minister pledged to end military aid from Ukraine which has been generous.

Since the invasion began, Slovak military stockpiles have been emptied and shifted to aid Ukrainian forces from surface-to-air missiles to MiG-29 fighter jets.

Moscow is likely looking at the results with glee though despite the results of the election whether SMER can cobble together the coalition to enter government is yet to be confirmed.