Garments to never put in your washing machine or risk ‘damage’ to appliance

1. Coins and keys

Deyan Dimitrov, CEO of Laundryheap, explained: “It goes without saying that no one would put coins and keys in their washing machines on purpose, but you should take extra care not to throw them in by mistake.

“The metal can damage your washing machine’s drain pump and scratch its interior, so make sure to always check your pockets before putting a load on.”

The expert also recommended checking pockets for tissues which can often enter in trousers and hoodies.

Although they don’t damage the washing machine, small particles of tissue can end up sticking to every garment in the wash.

2. Ties

Deyan explained: “Fabrics such as silk and wool run the risk of shrinking, losing their shape and staining other clothes during a quick washing machine cycle.

“To keep them smelling fresh and in good shape, I would recommend hand washing them, or having them cleaned professionally.”

Other items which may need to be cleaned professionally include silk items, including bedding to help keep their shape.

3. Zip items

Zips and buttons can get caught in the washing machine, causing damage to other items during a cycle.

To prevent this, make sure to zip and button up all items before putting them in the appliance.

The expert added: “Sequins and jewelled clothing are particularly delicate and may fall off during a cycle and become lodged amongst other clothing, so I would recommend sponging off any dirt or stains from this material, before seeking cleaning help from a professional service.”

4. Baby clothing

Due to the size of certain baby clothes, it is easy for them to get caught or tangled inside the machine.

Britons are recommended to put them into small laundry mesh bags to keep them protected when washing.

This can also prevent them from getting caught inside the draining vents inside the machine, but be sure to check the filter every now and again for items like this.

5. Underwear items

Deyan added: “There are also several risks when it comes to putting bras in the washing machine.

“Not only can their underwriting damage your washing machine’s tub, but their clasps could also tear other delicate items in your laundry load.

“Additionally, if clasps get caught inside the walls of your washing machine’s tub, your bras may stretch excessively during a cycle, which can damage their delicate materials and original shape.”