Colony sim Ascent of Ashes, by a former RimWorld mod team, will hit in November

A year after its first announcement, colony sim Ascent of Ashes will be ready to release into Early Access on November 15, 2023. Ascent of Ashes is made by a team of former RimWorld modders, the people behind the popular Combat Extended, and  takes place on a far-off alien planet after society there collapses in military conflict. Ascent of Ashes will have a demo available before launch as part of Steam Next Fest from October 9-16 2023. 

Players will build and defend a base while exploring the wider world, fighting off attacks by your classic post-apocalypse raiders, other survivor factions, remnants of the official military, and alien creatures of a few kinds. Your job, as leader of the settlement, is to balance survivor personalities to make a functional and sustainable colony.