‘I’m a travel expert and I get cheap flights using four clever tips’

Looking to find a holiday bargain? Express.co.uk spoke to a travel expert to find out how she gets a cheap deal on flights.

Casey Major-Bunce, blogger at @majormumhacks, shared her best tips for booking a cheap holiday with Express.co.uk.

Casey said: “If you prefer a package holiday and don’t want to book it all separately, then Jet2 has some amazing deals.

“If you pop on to Facebook, they have a voucher group with over 20,000 members, and they always have vouchers from £50-100 off your holiday. Just search Jet2 voucher codes.”

Jet2 sells package holidays and flights and tourists might be able to find a good deal on a package holiday.

Casey added: “It can be tempting to choose the cheapest flight in your browser, but don’t forget to compare a few different flights because some airlines will charge you for luggage and to choose your seat.

“This can all add up, and it may be more expensive than another flight.”

Many budget airlines charge passengers extra to bring luggage or choose a seat with family. It’s a good idea to check out the full price of the flight before booking as extra charges may mean it’s much higher than expected.

She added: “Try not to book flights at popular times as they are always more expensive, such as the weekends and early afternoon flights. Flights are always cheaper midweek, in the evening and early morning.”

Many 9-5 workers like to travel over the weekend so if possible, it’s usually cheaper to book flights leaving during the week.

Early morning flights might mean an unwelcome wake up call but they could save travellers money. Early flights are also less likely to be delayed.

Casey warned: “Compare two-way flights instead of returning flights to see if this will work out cheaper by travelling with different airlines.

“If you’re not leaving a car at the airport and family members are dropping you off, then try a different returning airport.”

British tourists could manage to find a cheaper flight by checking other airports that aren’t too far from their home.

source: express.co.uk