Wordle today: Hint and answer for #834 Sunday, October 1

You’ll find all the help you need to solve today’s Wordle right here. We’ve got a selection of general tips available if you’d like to refresh your daily strategy, a clue for the October 1 (834) game if you’d appreciate a nudge in the right direction, and today’s answer on a handy plate if you’d prefer a direct approach.

Well, that was a fun one. I found myself staring at a good combination of yellows and greens after a few guesses, and I just knew I had enough to work out today’s Wordle answer there and then. I’d like to pretend the right word came to me in an instant, but there was a fair bit of brow-furrowing between that point and my next go. Still, there was no rush.

Wordle today: A hint

(Image credit: Josh Wardle)

Wordle today: A hint for Sunday, October 1

source: gamezpot.com