Stylist claims Meghan Markle and Princess Kate 'copy each other'

Meghan Markle and Princess Kate are both royal style icons in their own right but over the years have been pictured sporting very similar looks.

Personal stylist, image coach and personal shopper Melissa Lund spoke exclusively to about whether the royals ever copied one another’s style.

She said: “The idea of Meghan and Kate copying each other is an interesting one and I think the answer is yes, they have both influenced each other but how much and who did the look first will depend on the timeline.”

The expert suggested that the pair dressed far more similarly when Meghan was also a working royal – and for an interesting reason.

Indeed, she claimed: “When Meghan was a working royal, I think she looked to Kate for inspiration about what was suitable for her royal duties. Since Kate was on the scene before Meghan, I am sure she will have watched Kate carefully to see what was appropriate.”

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Melissa continued: “Both women wore mainly smart, tailored looks which were suitable for their royal duties.

“The other thing to consider is the dress protocols put in place by Queen Elizabeth II, which both had to abide by. This would have lent a similarity to what they wore.

“The protocols weren’t exactly rules, but it’s well known that there were certain things that the late Queen didn’t like – women in trousers, women in short skirts (she didn’t like knees on display), wedge heels, coloured nail polish, bare legs and wearing black during the day.”

But despite being bound by protocols, both royals ditched these on occasion, the expert observed.

She said: “Kate and Meghan both broke protocol on many occasions, Kate with wedge heels and both of them wearing trousers and skirts above the knee.

“If Meghan looked to Kate for appropriate dress, I also think that Meghan may have influenced Kate in some way, perhaps encouraging her to up her fashion game and make slightly bolder choices.”

Now that Meghan’s position in the Royal Family is very different, she may not look to Kate or the royals for inspiration as much, instead leaning into her own tastes.

Melissa said: “Now that Meghan has moved to California, things seem to have changed for both women. Meghan’s no longer a working royal and California is the home of casual chic.

“Meghan can wear what she likes now and she usually chooses fairly understated clothes in neutral colours and luxe fabrics.

“Kate, on the other hand, has become the Princess of Wales and her style has become ever more regal. Headbands and long, fitted dresses feature prominently in her wardrobe. Personally, I think the skirt length is too long for daywear.” Kate has also been spotted wearing a lot of suits recently for an important reason.

“Melissa did point out a few style trends that both Meghan and Kate have observed over the years, however she noticed there would always be a “point of difference, with Meghan being happy to be more trend-led”.

She continued: “Who wore it best is a moot point, really. Kate admits that she has some help to put her outfits together, whilst Meghan proudly says that she doesn’t have a stylist.

“There are times when both women get it just right and also times when their looks are just wide of the mark – close but no cigar. So in that respect they’re just like the rest of us, except their choices are under public scrutiny!”