'I walked out on my date when he went to the toilet eight times – then things got worse'

A woman left in the middle of her first date with a man after he started behaving strangely.

Posting on Reddit, the woman explained that she went on a first date with a guy to a pier and he started acting weirdly, even talking to another woman.

She went onto the platform to ask if she was wrong to leave not just once – but twice.

Following her post, Reddit users were in uproar over his behaviour.

The woman said: “I find the bar, I go in, I order a drink, and we sit down at a counter next to each other looking out on the pier. We make a little conversation, and very little eye contact for about 20 or so minutes, maybe even less, while we browse the menu.

“He was staring out on the water and would randomly say things like “Oh we’re so lucky” “I love the water” and “Isn’t this just the best”. But he genuinely did not seem like he was enjoying his time with me.

“Did not try to ask me questions or make conversation, or eye contact, he just didn’t seem that into me. It was nothing super awkward, but definitely not vibing like we were on the phone.”

A few minutes later, the date starts to go wrong when the man says he needs to use the toilet.

The woman said: “Five, six, seven, then EIGHT minutes goes by and he’s not back from his tinkle. It starts to cross my mind that maybe he left. He had left his card down for the drinks when we ordered.

“So after 10 minutes, I thought, well, at least I got a free drink, I’m out. I walk back to my car and just as I put my keys in the ignition he texts me asking where I am. I told him, ‘I thought you left so I did too.’

“I said “You took 10 minutes to pee”. He replied that “he didn’t pee but ok”. I call him and ask if he wants me to come back, he says yes, he’s still there drinking his beer.

“I walk back and I sit down, and he’s fully engaged in the conversation with the woman next to him. Who also seems to be on a date. She’s a lot older so I’m not assuming he was flirting.”

The woman added that the man “didn’t even acknowledge the fact that I came back. I sit there for 4-5 minutes on my phone scrolling Reddit while he continues to ask this woman questions and have a full-blown conversation with her”.

She added: “So, again, for the second time, I gather my stuff up, and leave. I drove home and got a text from him soon after that read ‘I went to the bathroom and was having a conversation so kinda think about if your reaction was justified…but thanks for coming’.”

Underneath her post, the woman asked if she had been wrong to leave the man the second time instead of staying.

In response, Reddit users were full of support for the woman and anger at how the man had behaved.

One user said: “He was rude and disrespectful to you. He left you hanging twice, didn’t tell you where he was going or what he was doing, and didn’t seem interested in you at all.

“You had every right to leave and not waste your time with him.”

Another wrote: “He seemed emotionally unavailable and if this is how he is in public, you’d be stuck with him having conversations with other people out with him again.

“You dodged a bullet.”

source: express.co.uk