TV stars lead tributes to beloved Sycamore Gap tree which was brutally felled

TV stars have led tributes to Sycamore Gap as national outcry continues to grow over the shock felling this week.

The iconic sycamore – which was prominently featured in Kevin Costner’s 1991 Robin Hood film – was found on Thursday seemingly cut down with a chainsaw.

The incident has revealed the centuries-old plant has legions of fans, many of them famous, who have paid tribute since the news broke.

Si King, one-half of the Hairy Bikers duo, slammed the culprit for “murdering” the spirit of Northumberland.

Other celebrities and Britons have come out with similarly strong words, with many voicing their great pain that the northern icon no longer attends the gap on Hadrian’s Wall.

Taking to X, formerly known as Twitter, the biker said he hoped whoever cut down the tree “has a conscience”, as they had “murdered a sentinel of time and elemental spirit of Northumberland”.

In a tribute, he said: “The saddest part of Sycamore Gap being felled is that positive human interactions that have existed with it for years have gone to memory.

“Marriage proposals, generations of families walking along Hadrian’s Wall as tradition to see it, ashes scattered, star gazing etc.”

Also taking to X, TV presenter Julia Bradbury called out the “mindless act of violence”.

She posted a picture of herself hugging the tree, adding: “Farewell to the ancient tree at Sycamore Gap. Lost forever by a mindless act of violence.”

Others posted similar pictures in remembrance, with people having visited the UK landmark following weddings, during long, memorable walks, and for special occasions like Christmas.

Some visited following turbulent times in their lives, with nature lover Heather Sutherland, from Newcastle, telling how she scattered her brother’s ashes at the location.

She told LBC the incident had left her “grieving all over again”.

She said: “I am grieving all over again. I scattered my brother’s ashes here. This was our place.

“This was a place in which I found calm and solace, my grounding and orientation. This place means everything to me. This is more than upsetting right now.”