Britney Spears gets welfare check by police after scary knife dance incident

Britney Spears was visited by Los Angeles Police after fans shared their fears after she danced with knives.

The Womanizer singer was given a wellness check by the police department after the singer was seen ‘channelling Shakira’ by performing a routine with what looked like kitchen knives.

She later stated in an edit to the post that the knives were fake, but that did little to dissuade viewers who grew even more concerned when they spotted bandages on her arm in a later video.

According to TMZ, police were contacted by people expressing their concern for the singer, and they checked on her as a matter of caution.

Britney was home at the time of their house call, and they spoke with her to make sure she was OK.

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Satisfied that she was safe, they later left with no further issue raised.

The site claims LAPD were aware of the video, but only took action once requests for a wellness check was raised.

In the videos in question, Britney was seen in a polka dot top and a pair of white bikini bottoms as she danced around with two kitchen knives in her hands.

A second video saw a cut on her leg, and a bandage around her forearm.

However, she dismissed any worries in the comments and told fans to ‘lighten up’ because she was copying Shakira’s dance at the VMAs earlier this month.

This did little to dissuade fans from their worries – with some believing the knives were real as they were clapped together during the video.

Britney has embraced her love of dancing on Instagram, sharing updates and routines – particularly since her split from Sam Asghari.

Over the course of the last month, she has shown off her dance routines after getting a pole dancing pole, and is often seen in her living performing sultry dances for the cameras.

She has also taken to cryptically posting snake emojis alongside some of the videos, with no explanation as to what they reference.