Angela Scanlon shares the one Strictly Come Dancing tradition she refuses to follow

Angela Scanlon says Strictly Come Dancing organisers have not pushed back on her refusal to wear fake tan.

The star is due to make her second live show appearance this Saturday and has decided that she will once again forgo a sun-kissed look.

Instead, she wants to continue embracing her natural pale skin and show others that it is okay for them to break the mould.

Speaking to The Sun, Angela, 39, said: “Fake tan can work for redheads.

“I used to wear it and I know lots of redheads who do wear it who feel really uncomfortable with their pale skin — but I don’t.

“I’ve spent 15 years getting to grips with the fact I have pale skin.”

Believing that she doesn’t need to rock a tan to feel “confident”, the mum-of-two further stated that she’s always felt “quite defiant” about being herself on telly.

“When I was growing up, the only people I saw on telly were beautiful blonde, tanned women or a brunette version of the same thing.

“But it was always a very specific, very polished-looking woman and, you know, that’s a very narrow view of beauty and of womanhood and of everything else.”

“I never saw anyone super pale on telly and, obviously, there’s different levels of that across so many minorities,” she added.

The BBC Your Home Made Perfect host also said that she often receives messages of encouragement from children’s mother’s regarding her paleness.

“I feel really touched when I get a message from somebody who says their daughter is suddenly OK with not wearing fake tan because she saw me on the telly with my white legs out.”

The defiant stance not to wear fake tan on the BBC ballroom comes ahead of this weekend’s show, where Angela is set to up the tempo with her partner Carlos Gu, 39.

After receiving a modest 23 points for her moody Tango to ‘Prisoner’ by Miley Cyrus featuring Dua Lipa last week, the 39-year-old will be performing a Jive to ‘Trouble’ by Shampoo.

Speaking about the intense routine, the broadcaster said: “It’s incredibly quick and it’s a real gear change from the tango. This is relentless, but it’s great.”

Watch Strictly Come Dancing on BBC One on Saturday at 6:20pm.