Ukraine war LIVE: Russia in flames after 'explosions heard' hours after Zelensky warning

In a recent address to his nation, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced that Ukraine has obtained crucial intelligence pinpointing vulnerabilities within Vladimir Putin’s military operations. Zelensky vowed to intensify attacks on Russia while targeting these identified weaknesses.

It follows a series of devastating events in the region. Russian drone barrages pounded the Black Sea city of Odesa, resulting in significant damage and the suspension of ferry services between Romania and Ukraine. A missile and drone attack on a grain warehouse in Odesa claimed two lives and severely damaged an abandoned high-rise hotel.

Over the past 24 hours, Ukraine reported the loss of at least nine civilians and 15 injuries, with some casualties reported earlier. Russian artillery inflicted damage on homes, a school, a market, and a food processing plant in the southern city of Kherson, located near the conflict’s front lines.

President Zelensky’s address highlighted Ukraine’s determination to escalate its efforts against Putin’s forces. He hinted at receiving fresh intelligence regarding Russia’s military-industrial complex and emphasized the importance of targeting areas that could significantly impact Putin’s war machine.

Zelensky stated, “Sanctions are not enough. There will be more. There will be more of our own, Ukrainian actions against the terrorist state. As long as Russia’s aggression continues, Russia’s losses must be tangible.”

Furthermore, Zelensky pledged to secure the necessary munitions to push Russia into retreat, stating, “The second issue is the supply of shells. This is a topic we are dealing with on a daily basis. Supplies from partners. Searching for new opportunities in the world — we know exactly how to secure supplies. And we are gradually increasing the volume of Ukrainian production. This is one of our top priorities.”