These are the five most confusing roads in the UK

The vehicle retail platform Cinch has revealed a list of the most confusing roads in the UK, according to most motorists.

According to the study, the hardest road to navigate in the country is the Hanger Lane Gyratory, located in West London.

Sam Sheehan, motoring editor at Cinch, described what makes the road so infamous for being confusing to drivers.

He explained: “The Hanger Lane Gyratory is a grade-separated junction where the A40 crosses the A460 North Circular Road, carrying traffic to Alperton, Wembley and Harrow.

“What confuses most drivers in the capital is the layout of the gyratory itself. It’s a square and has between four and eight lanes of traffic, passing through a set of traffic lights at each of its four main entrance points.”

Sam also added that the road is made even more confusing by a lack of signs to inform drivers of which lane they should be in.

However, the Hanger Lane Gyratory is not the only stretch of road that leaves many UK drivers baffled, with Swindon’s ‘Magic Roundabout’ coming second.

Named after a loved children’s show of the 60s and 70s, the Magic Roundabout is a collection of five mini-roundabouts, formed to create one massive roundabout.

While many drivers admit to being confused when they drive on the stretch of road today, some remember it being even more difficult when it first opened.

Upon the launch of the Magic Roundabout in 1972, there were no road markings, with police officers stationed at each mini roundabout to check on drivers.

Equally bemusing to UK drivers is the Gravelly Hill Interchange in Birmingham, better known as the Spaghetti Junction, due to its variety of overpasses to connect the M6 motorway to the A38(M) Aston Expressway.

Most confusing roads in the UK:

  1. Hanger Lane Gyratory – West London
  2. Magic Roundabout – Swindon
  3. Gravelly Hill Interchange (Spaghetti Junction) – Birmingham
  4. Sheriffhall Roundabout – Edinburgh
  5. Douglas Oval Roundabout – Isle of Man

While there are many stretches of road across the country that are well known for confusing drivers, experts have highlighted that there are ways to overcome fears when using them.

Drivers are advised to always stay calm and act rationally when behind the wheel in order to keep the risk of accidents low.

Additionally, some recommend getting advice for particular stretches from a driving instructor, with many offering refresher courses that are not assessed.