Phil Spencer Explains Why We Haven't Heard About Hideo Kojima's Xbox Game

kopp3rbug10h ago

He is not investing jack $h1@ . Buying up publishers with established I.P’s and then claiming victory isn’t the ideal way to go about things. I understand It’s competition, I get it. However, Rare was purchased soooo long ago, we got Kinect adventures and sea of thieves and grabbed by the ghoulies, Banjo nuts n bolts, and perfect dark zero. I’m sure mech assault is more your type of game, I respect that, however banjo and conker have a huge following, and Microsoft needs a killer platformer, Lucky’s tale wasn’t it, ended up multiplat after some time. In regards to Phil “investing” , he’s been “investing” since the beginning of the Xbox one and nothings come to fruition. Scorn was talked up so much, killer app for Xbox, blah blah blah, forgotten. Crackdown 3 was meant to be an advancement in cloud technology and world destruction, failed. Starfield is, well, starfield. It’s a game amongst many other games, it just exists, and until Bethesda updates or changes that horribly , long expired , graphics engine , then their games will always be half baked. Cough*, Redfall. At the end of the day I’m a gamer, I enjoy gaming on all platforms, PC, Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, however Xbox has been a platform of wait and see, the games are coming, for far too long.