Try Guys' Keith and Becky Habersberger stuns fans with surprise baby

Try Guys fans are bewildered after founding member Keith Habersberger and Try Wife Becky Habersberger just apparently hard launched a whole baby.

The couple dropped the same photo on Instagram Sunday of the two standing together, an infant cradled in Keith’s arms. In true hard launch fashion, their captions — “Baby baby ❤️” and “Hey baby ❤️” — were clear and concise, yet somehow also cryptic.

“Sir you can’t just drop this and expect me not to scream??? Is this baby yours??? Whose baby is this?? I need context you’re stressing me out,” one user commented on Keith’s post.

“NEW TRYBABY JUST DROPPED ?!?!?!” commented another.

“Wait who’s baby is this? Did you guys Kylie Jenner us?,” a user wrote on Becky’s post. “Or is this just a fun picture with someone’s baby? Lol.”

The surprise quickly began making its way around the internet.

In internet parlance, a hard launch is an explicit social media announcement of some personal news, usually a romantic relationship, after having kept completely quiet about it for a significant period of time. It’s the reverse of the “soft launch,” where someone drops subtle hints online to generate curiosity and build anticipation among their followers.

While thousands expressed their astonishment at the news, some commenters claimed they suspected a pregnancy all along. Over the past few months, several Reddit threads had also shared speculation on a potential Habersberger pregnancy, drawing attention to suspicious behavior or camera angles in recent Try Guys content.

“Her stomach is conveniently covered in every single shot and Rachel gave her a separate, slightly different colored drink when the others were drinking whiskey sours,” a Redditor wrote in a thread. “There’s been speculation for a while since we haven’t seen full body shots of her in months, but I’m officially convinced! I’d bet money that they’ll have a baby by September.”

But fans generally encouraged one another to keep quiet in an attempt to be respectful of the couple’s privacy.

“I think you’re coming from a good place, but it’s not appropriate to speculate about people’s pregnancy status or body in general,” a commenter wrote in another Reddit thread. “Becky herself has talked multiple times about how speculation like this is hurtful and inappropriate to her.”

For years, Becky Habersberger had been open online about her preference that people not make speculative comments on strangers’ pregnancy status.

Now that the speculation is put to rest, fans are eager to celebrate the family’s newest addition.

“Keith and Becky having a baby in 2023 was 100% in my bingo card, and I’m so happy for them!” an X poster wrote. “So happy she got the pregnancy she wanted, of not sharing and people respecting her privacy until they were ready to introduce the baby to the world 💜”