Russell Brand ‘offered drug addict £50 to have sex with his girlfriend’

Shameless Russell Brand reduced a heroin addict to tears by offering him £50 to let the star sleep with his sex worker girlfriend, it was claimed yesterday.

The under-fire comedian and broadcaster allegedly made the indecent proposal while making a TV documentary about the couple.

Brand, 48, also took drugs with the pair while their toddler daughter was left with his TV production partner at their squalid home, it is claimed.

The project was shelved after a telly boss rejected it because it could have led to the child being taken into care, Brand’s pal said.

Details of the claims emerged as the star refutes allegations of rape, sexual assault and grooming from four women, including one who was only 16 at the time.

The former Radio 2 and Big Brother ­presenter has denied the accusations and claims his relationships were consensual.

Brand’s friend and TV colleague Matt Morgan told about the sordid episode with the couple they had met during a debauched break together in Norfolk.

He told Blethered podcast they returned to their holiday home in Norwich to make a “comedy” docuseries called RE:Brand for now-defunct channel Play UK.”

Mr Morgan said: “She was on the game supporting hers and his heroin addiction, and there was a kid in the house, and that was why we couldn’t show it. There were points where they were all ­nodding off on smack, with this poor little kid running around.”

After a week spent “helping” the couple, the presenter turned to the boyfriend and said: “I want to give you 50 quid… I’m going to have sex with her,” Mr Morgan said. And he claimed the man “started crying” and added: “It was actually really beautiful and in the end they all cried. It was properly ­mental”. In his account of the incident, Brand wrote in his memoir My Booky Wook, that the man “pimped out” his girlfriend.

Although he felt guilty when he cried, he thought “this is what you’re doing every day, it’s just that you’ve got to know me.”

Describing the holiday in which they met the couple, Mr Morgan went on: “Me and him hired a boat. We smoked weed and drank
and the boat was wrecked.

“I was ill and we went to a hotel and he was full-on sex addiction mode and he was like, ‘I need to go and f*** a prostitute’.” He went and came back and said, ‘I couldn’t do it.’”

They decided the episode could lead to a RE:Brand episode about whether a person could sleep with a “humanised” prostitute.

Mr Morgan said: “During the time I worked with him, I was never aware of any allegations of serious sexual misconduct against him.”

Brand claimed in a video on Friday he is the victim of a mainstream conspiracy.