Karren Brady says Russell Brand was ‘obnoxious and intense’ in bizarre meeting

Karren Brady said she had a bizarre encounter with Russell Brand when he was invited to visit the boardroom at West Ham United.

The Apprentice star, 54, describes the meeting as “oddly intense” and “memorable for all the wrong reasons”.

Writing in her new column, Karren explains she was first ticked off when the comedian flouted the club’s dress code of a suit and tie. 

She also claims that he “brought an entourage of people who weren’t invited and who didn’t have tickets, as though it was his right to do as he pleased”.

Karren continued: “If his bad manners and sense of entitlement wasn’t bad enough, his behaviour was downright obnoxious. 

“He marched straight up to me, stood right in my face and asked me: ‘What is the meaning of life?’”

Karren was too busy to answer the “odd” question and she claims Russell proceeded to pick up a West Ham cup and saucer “put them down his trousers and left”.

Karren’s comments come after Russell, 48, broke his silence after being accused of rape and sexual assault – allegations which he denies.

The father-of-two said it had been a “distressing week” and said he was leaving YouTube and moving to Rumble after he was demonetised. 

He said in a video: “Obviously, it’s been an extraordinary and distressing week and I thank you very much for your support and for questioning the information that you have been presented with.

“By now, you’re probably aware that the British government has asked big tech platforms to censor our online content and that some online platforms have complied with that request…

“I also don’t imagine that you’ve heard of the trusted news initiative and now, as often is the case when a word like trusted is used as part of an acronym to describe an unelected body, trust is the last thing you should be offering. The trusted news initiative is a collaboration between big tech and legacy media organisations to target, patrol, choke and shut down independent media organisations.” 

Brand went on to tell his supporters he will now be broadcasting from his page on Rumble as he urged others to “stay free”.

Russell is currently facing allegations of sexual assault during the height of his fame between 2006-2013.

In a Sunday Times and Channel 4 Dispatches investigation published last weekend, four women accused him of rape, sexual assault and emotional abuse.

He has denied all allegations, slamming them as “aggressive attacks” and claiming all his relationships were consensual. 

source: express.co.uk