Florida woman found in alligator’s jaws was arrested for trespassing two months ago

The woman whose lifeless body was found clenched between a 14-foot alligator’s jaws was arrested just two months earlier for trespassing on county wetland property.

Sabrina Peckham, 41, was identified by police Saturday as the victim being dragged by the beast in a canal along a residential street in Largo, a small community just four miles south of Clearwater.

The homeless woman was caught by Pinellas County deputies around 6:30 a.m. on July 14 for trespassing onto county wetland just half a mile from where she was found dead Friday, court records show.

Peckman ignored posted signage warning against unlaw entry.

After pleading no contest to the misdemeanor, she was released from the county on Sept. 8 and was ordered to $500.

It is not clear where the transient woman went in the two weeks before she was discovered dead in the waterway.

Records show she had a history of run-ins with police dating back to 2014, including multiple charges for trespassing.

Peckman also had multiple drug and theft convictions lodged against her.

Investigators are still trying to determine whether Peckman was killed by the gator.

Officials shot the alligator to death after dragging it from the water, witnesses said.
Officials shot the alligator to death after dragging it from the water, witnesses said.
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A witness on his way to a job interview was the first to spot the 13-foot, 8.5-inch male alligator carrying her body and rushed to alert the nearby fire department.

Authorities “humanely killed” the massive reptile, though neighbors said responders yanked it from the water and shot it several times.

The area is near the popular Ridgecrest Park, which includes a 5-acre lake known to house alligators.

The gators routinely wander the neighborhood, according to neighbors, but the one killed Friday was one of the biggest some had ever encountered.

source: nypost.com