'I've died and come back to life eight times – doctors turned off my life support machine'

In an essay for Insider, Mr Wasserstrom revealed that his heart attack stemmed from a complete LMCA blockage and a secondary 70 per cent blockage in another artery. 

The day of the incident, he experienced an abrupt, searing pain in his left arm, describing it as akin to the sun scorching through his veins.

He said: “[I was] sweating profusely, I felt like I had just gone for a swim with all my clothes on. 

“It was like no feeling I had ever experienced before.”

Mr Wasserstrom called 911 and two firefighters appeared at his door before he collapsed.

After being rushed to hospital, doctors kept re-starting his heart using defibrillators.

He then received stent surgery to restore blood supply to his entire heart muscle. Doctors then placed him in a coma and switched on a life support machine for five days to help his heart recover.

“The doctors didn’t believe I would survive, and even if I did, they didn’t think I would be able to walk or talk,” he said.

“But, [when they unplugged me], instead of hearing a final flatline on the heart monitor — or getting a pulse but seeing no other activity — I miraculously sprung to life, trying to escape my ICU bed.”

source: express.co.uk