Ryanair axes 17 routes from Dublin Airport as massive row erupts

He added: “There is nothing approaching a 45 percent proposed rise in pricing at Dublin Airport which is patently false for anyone who has studied the regulators’ determination last December.

“Rather than depending on back-of-a-scratchcard mathematics, I would urge those making such false statements to redo their sums and more importantly study the range of sustainability incentives proposed at Dublin Airport, and join us on the journey to a carbon-free aviation eco-system over the coming years.”

The Commission for Aviation Regulation, now the Irish Aviation Authority, said in December a nominal price cap of 8.68 euro in 2023 will increase to 9.23 euro in 2024 and includes inflation projections and the assumption Dublin Airport will deliver on its own investment plan.

This is a 6.3 percent year-on-year rise.

The same document gives a nominal price cap of 11.73 euro for 2026, which is a 46 percent increase on the 8.00 euro final price cap in 2022.

In a later statement, Ryanair clarified that it was basing its figure on the 2026 rates.

It added: “Running an airport is far more complex than just issuing press releases.”

source: express.co.uk