‘I’m a pest expert – here's five natural ways to stop moths leaving holes in clothes’

Moths are attracted to keratin which is present in food residues, sweat, human hair, skin cells and dust.

Moths are attracted to the clothes we wear because they often have skin cells, hair and dust on them.

However, contrary to popular belief, adult moths don’t eat clothes but their larvae do.

Moth larvae eat natural fibres like silk, wool, fur and feathers and will chew holes in clothes that are made from these fibres.

The pests are also more attracted to closed spaces so it’s best to have an open, airy wardrobe that will stop them from hanging around.

With this in mind, Robert Collins at Myjobquote.co.uk, the UK’s leading trades matching site has shared five natural ways to stop moths leaving holes in clothes.

1. Wash your bedding and clothing

Before putting them away, make sure bedding and clothing are thoroughly washed. Moths tend to be attracted to food stains, perspiration, and dirt.

2. Ensure bedding and clothes are stored correctly

Robert said: “Ensure your bedding and clothing are stored in a clean, dry place.

“Moths are drawn to damp, warm, musty conditions.”

3. Store unused fabrics securely

Make sure all unused fabrics are stored in a secure and safe place.

This needs to be somewhere that is difficult for moths to access, such as a securely closed cupboard. The area also needs to be dry.

4. Natural moth repellent

Homeowners can use a natural moth repellent such as cedar wood rings in storage areas to deter moths.

5. Homemade spray

Spray your carpet and curtains with lavender. Robert explained: “A few drops of lavender essential oil mixed with water can create a great, natural home remedy for deterring moths.

“Shake the mixture well and spray your carpets and curtains lightly.

“You may even want to spray your bedding and clothes before storing them away for additional deterring.”

source: express.co.uk