BiP's Michael Allio Addresses Danielle Maltby’s Breakup Claims

Michael Allio and Danielle Maltbys Relationship Timeline update
Courtesy of Michael Allio/Instagram; Courtesy of Danielle Maltby/Instagram

Michael Allio wants to clarify details about his split from Danielle Maltby — including her claim he broke up with her egg one day after her egg retrieval procedure.

“Before [Danielle] moved up I told her I wanted to be extremely clear about where I was at and I told her that I am no place and can’t even fathom a place in the future where I can have kids. I’m so focused on raising my son [James],” Allio, 39, said via his Instagram Story on Friday, September 22. “I said, ‘Sadly you have to move up here and go through this relationship knowing you will maybe never have kids with me. And I felt really bad saying that because I know she always wanted them. But I had to be honest about where I was at. … The idea of welcoming another child, for me, I can’t even do it. It doesn’t fit my lifestyle.”

Allio — who shared his 6-year-old son James with his late wife, Laura — explained during the Instagram Q&A that Maltby, 37, handled the news “really gracefully” before ultimately deciding to relocate. Allio claimed that when it came to “the whole egg freezing thing, she didn’t do it for me,” adding that Maltby probably hoped as they were dating the eggs would be “used for a child that we conceived together, but it didn’t happen that way.” 

Allio first confirmed the twosome had called it quits on Monday, September 18, during an appearance on Jason Tartick’s “Trading Secrets” podcast, saying the breakup was “no fault” of Maltby’s and the pair were “working through some things and trying to stay close.” 

Michael Allio and Danielle Maltbys Relationship Timeline update

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Maltby, for her part, broke her silence about the split on the Friday episode of her “The WoMed” podcast, telling listeners Allio broke up with her the day after she underwent a process to retrieve her eggs.

“I was very, very blindsided by it,” she claimed. “Obviously [I’m] still very emotional and hurt and confused. I still don’t really have any answers. I’m in it.”

Maltby went on to explain that having to “come down off of the hormones while being in complete shock” was tough to handle. “[I was in] complete physical shock. I was completely blindsided,” she said. 

Allio, meanwhile, stated on Friday that he wanted to “clear things up” via his social media due to a “narrative going around” that was part “true” and part “false.” 

“I’m not stranger to critique. I know that I’m incredibly flawed and I know that Danielle is a very good person but I do need to clear things up. Because certain things are a little bit off,” he alleged, noting that his intention isn’t about “winning an argument” but because “there is just truth out there and I’m happy to assist.” 

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In regards to whether Maltby knew Allio was going to share the breakup news via Tartick’s podcast, Allio confessed he hadn’t given her a heads-up about the plan. He said while he initially wanted to do a “joint breakup” announcement, she was against the idea because “this breakup was not mutual.” 

“She told me, ‘Go out there, say what you want to say do what you want to do I’ll follow suit and also let’s not call each other and talk to each other anymore because that makes healing that much more difficult,’” he recalled her saying. “And sometimes you do need that separation. So when she started taking down photos of us on Instagram I took that as she’s ready to announce this and get this going.” 

Allio and Maltby met on season 8 of Bachelor in Paradise in summer 2022 and quickly connected as they had both previously lost their partners. Allio’s late wife, Laura, died in 2019 from cancer while Maltby’s fiancé, Nick, died in 2011 following a drug overdose. The duo agreed that they wanted to pursue their relationship outside of the show during the season 8 finale and Allio told Malby he loved her during the BiP reunion shortly after.

Maltby later uprooted her life to join Allio in Akron, Ohio. During her podcast episode on Friday, Maltby said Allio was “the first person that ever made me feel safe in a relationship, that made me feel like I was enough.”

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Allio, for his part, addressed why he agreed to Maltby relocating from Nashville to Ohio if he had plans to end the relationship, Allio said the move was “without a doubt a sacrifice on her end” but he’s unable to leave Ohio because of “his support system” that helps raise his son, James. 

Claiming that he would “totally have considered moving to Nashville” if he wasn’t raising a child, he explained that “Danielle was in a transition period and she wanted to leave her job” and was even considering a move to Chicago at the time. “If we would have stayed long distance we wouldn’t have known whether or not this would have worked,” he said. “And our goal was to make it work.”