iPhone users say new iOS 17 drains battery — here’s what to do

The new iOS upgrade is draining users’ batteries — and patience.

iPhone fans have flocked to X, formerly Twitter, to voice complaints about the highly-anticipated iOS 17 upgrade, citing extreme battery drainage after installing the update. Yet, experts warn that it can take hours to days for a new update to be finalized.

“iOS 17 is a Battery Killer,” declared one dissatisfied upgrader. “Can’t wait for iOS 17.0.1 already!”

“OMG THE IOS 17 BATTERY DRAIN IS INSANEEE,” another critic wrote.

“The new iOS 17 is really draining my battery bad,” someone else noted.

In 2021, when iOS 15 was released, iPhone fans cited poor battery life after updating their smartphones, something tech news site ZDNet assured was typical. The same happened with iOS 16.

Not only does upgrade installation tax the phone’s battery, but it can take “hours or even days” for update-induced background tasks to finish.

iOS 17 downloading
On X, users complained of battery drainage.
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Experts from CNET recommend using the phone as usual for a few days to wait out the short-term battery life impacts of new updates, which might also render some apps incompatible and, therefore, temporarily useless.

Updating to the latest software version might also make older iPhones sluggish, and some iOS 17 features may not even be available on certain devices.

iOS 17, which debuted Monday, includes novel features such as contact card personalization for calls, live voicemail transcriptions, video voicemails for FaceTime and NameDrop, an innovative, touch-free way to share contacts.

Phone call with custom contact card
iOS 17 features customizable contact cards for phone calls.

Check In feature on iphone
One of the contentious features is Check In, which enables iPhone users to alert loved ones when they have arrived at their destination.

Apple iOS 17
Users updating to iOS 17 have reported poor battery life as a result.
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But one of the newest functions called Check In, which allows users to alert friends and family when they reach their destination, has prompted safety concerns that it may be misused.

For those who forget to text their loved ones when they get home for a late night out, Check In provides peace of mind, but others argue it could be abused by “controlling partners.”

The software update arrives mere days ahead of the iPhone 15 models, which are slated to launch on September 22 and has prompted a flurry of online vitriol.

Social media users denounce the new generation of Apple devices, arguing that there are negligible differences between the iPhone 15 and previous models and claiming that “innovation died with Steve Jobs.”

source: nypost.com