‘Love Is Blind’ Alums Jackie Bonds and Josh Demas Split

Love Is Blind Alums Jackie Bonds and Josh Demas Split I m Still Sick About It 424

Love Is Blind alums Jackie Bonds and Josh Demas have called it quits after over one year of dating.

In a TikTok video of Bonds’ recent livestream — posted by @realityashley — on Monday, September 18, the reality star, 27, shared that she and Demas, 31, had split. Bonds claimed the breakup was due to a conversation she had with Demas’ ex-girlfriend Monica Rodriguez.

“I’m still sick about it. I love that man,” she shared in the clip. “I was like, ‘Damn, I had all these life plans with you and then you just don’t even care.’ And I’m like, ‘That’s crazy.’”

Bonds noted that she “tried to fix” the pair’s relationship before they ended things for good.

“I tried doing everything I could and what’s crazy is looking back on these messages I look like a begging ass b—ch and I never beg no one to be with me,” she clarified.

Demas, for his part, has not addressed the breakup.

Love Is Blind Alums Jackie Bonds and Josh Demas Split I m Still Sick About It 426
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The former couple initially met in the pods during season 4 of LIB, which filmed in 2022. Although Bonds and Demas did hit it off, ultimately her connection with Marshall Glaze proved to be stronger and the twosome ended up getting engaged.

Following the proposal, Glaze, 27, and Bonds began to argue a lot. One particular fight involved Glaze complaining that his fiancée tended to “ruminate” in her moods for long periods of time, referring to her as a “project” that he needs to fix up. once they tie the knot. The disagreement caused Bonds to call off the engagement.

“[It was] that and then there was another comment that he had made, and I’m not gonna go into that because it’s very, very derogatory to a group,” she exclusively told Us Weekly in April. “But, he made that comment and I was just like, ‘Yeah, I’m cool. Once you disrespect me and call me out on my character, as a woman, I’m not standing for that. I’m outta here.’”

After calling it quits with Glaze, Bonds met up with Demas on the show — which aired in March 2023 — where he confessed his feelings for her. The duo talked things out and eventually kissed at the end of the date.

Following their successful date, Bonds and Demas began dating in April 2022. Nearly one year later, Bonds gave Us an update on their relationship.

“Me and Josh — we live together,” she shared at the time. “This is exactly how it was supposed to happen.”

In May, Bonds explained why she thought Demas could be The One.

“I always dreamed for a love like this. He really is my twin. We both make each other laugh. He understands me, he is such a man of patience,” she wrote during an Instagram Story Q&A when asked what “keeps her going” when it comes to her beau. “He is my person I love him I’d marry him a thousand times over & have 49 kids with. The love I feel for him is unimaginable. Part of my chromosome, part of my DNA.”

source: usmagazine.com