Coronation Street’s Courtney Vance star teases new relationship – and it isn’t with Aadi

It wasn’t long before Coronation Street’s Courtney Vance (played by Stephanie Davis) set her eyes on Aadi Alahan (Adam Hussain) when she arrived in Weatherfield.

After a few encounters, the duo started a steamy affair and tried their best to keep it a secret from her husband and businessman Darren Vance (Ryan Early).

However, it all came to a head last week as the pair were caught in action by Aadi’s dad Dev Alahan (Jimmi Harkishin), not long after her husband found out what had been going on and kicked her out.

Moving in with Aadi and his family, it’s clear Dev is less than impressed to have her in the household as he fears it will cause issues with his business plan with Darren.

Official spoilers reveal Darren hands Dev £5,000 to try and get Courtney and Aadi to split, however, will she take the money and leave her new beau? Or are her feelings real?

Although it looks as though there could be a third man in Courtney’s sights and it’s not Darren or Aadi.

Speaking exclusively to and other media publications, the soap star teased there’s going to be some good interactions between Courtney and Dev.

She said: “When I was reading these (scripts) I was honestly thinking, I would laugh if she ended up with Dev!

“What a storyline that would be, because Darren is a really toxic relationship, he’s already cheated on her loads, the trust has gone, it’s more about money.

“With Aadi he’s too young, he can’t give her the life she’s accustomed to as well, so will she go for the dad, who’s got both?

“That’s what I see for Courtney, I don’t know but I was laughing. Me and Jimmie always laugh and say, ‘It would be so funny if we end up together.”

However, it seems as though viewers are less than impressed with the ongoing love triangle as they’ve called for the storyline to be axed from the show.

Although some believe the married couple are plotting to scam Aadi and Dev in a bid to get more money.

Taking to Twitter, JustACorrieFan said: “I’m still not sure how I feel about the whole Aadi and Courtney affair storyline.”

@gillyn4 added: “I reckon Courtney and hubby have done this before, big scam for some reason.”

@FillsWhales commented: “This Darren-Courtney thing is a scam. They’re playing a long con.”

With @JSapier tweeting: “Courtney is a bit too full on now. It’s all part of a scam.”

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays on ITV from 8pm.