‘I'm a politician – Sadiq Khan should refund all ULEZ fees now for key reason’

Sadiq Khan should refund every Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ) charge and fine picked up by drivers until the scheme is axed, according to a local politician.

Simon Fawthrop, a Conservative councillor based in Bromley, claims the policy would be financially viable and should be a Conservative pledge at the next London mayoral election.

He stressed Mr Khan has the finances available to pay back charges now if he used money being piled into Transport for London’s (TfL) scrappage scheme.

Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk: “He intends to take £200million from it in a year but there’s actually only eight months up until election so it’s about £150million.

“Now he has got £100million of that left in an account for those scrappage schemes that no one has taken up because it’s so hard to get it.

“And let’s face it he can find £50million down the back of the sofa down at City Hall.

“I’d love that to be the case. I think it would really set the campaign alight if I’m being honest. It shows it will be an issue right up until the election so it can’t be dodged.

“Listen, this is no criticism of Susan Hall who I think is great and will be a fantastic Mayor of London. I think she’s been a little bit cautious because she has to think about all the finances as well.

“But I think financially it is viable… I did look at it and thought yes it’s doable.”

According to the Metro, TfL did feel the expanded ULEZ could make up to £200million a year when it was rolled out.

Despite this, the Mayor’s Office stresses the scheme is “not a money-making scheme” and will make a “net loss” as compliance increases.

Susan Hall is the Conservative candidate for next May’s election with the London Assembly member already promising to scrap ULEZ from day one if she is elected.

However, the party have not pledged to retrospectively refund charges if they top the poll.

The Mayor of London is urging affected motorists to apply to his £160m scrappage scheme as quickly as possible. Every Londoner with a non-ULEZ compliant car can access a grant of up to £2,000.

A spokesperson for the Mayor of London said: “The Mayor has been clear that the decision to expand the Ultra Low Emission Zone London-wide was not an easy one, but necessary to tackle toxic air pollution.

“Around 4,000 Londoners die prematurely each year due to air pollution, children are growing up with stunted lungs and thousands of people in our city are developing life-changing illnesses, such as cancer, lung disease, dementia and asthma.

“The ULEZ is a very targeted scheme. Nine out of ten cars seen driving in outer London on an average day are already ULEZ compliant and their drivers will not have to pay the charge.

“For the small minority of drivers who currently do have to pay the charge, the Mayor has expanded his £160 million scrappage scheme so that every Londoner with a non-compliant car is now eligible for a £2,000 grant to make the switch to a cleaner, less polluting one.”

source: express.co.uk