Western Australia road crash: bus and truck collide in remote area, injuring 13

A crash between a bus and a truck in remote Western Australia has left 13 people injured, authorities say.

Police said the crash between a tour bus and a truck occurred about 9.10am on Friday on Port Gregory Road in Sandy Gully, around 70km north of Geraldton.

Five emergency crews from St John’s Ambulance are on the scene and rescue efforts still ongoing.

A spokesperson for St John’s Ambulance confirmed there were no major injuries reported.

Five injuries were initially reported, before rising to seven and then to 13.

The Guardian understand the crash occurred between two towns on Port Gregory Road, and that police and emergency services were finding it challenging to reach the crash site.

Northampton is about 16.3km from the Sandy Gully intersection on Port Gregory Road, with police and locals helping with traffic management.

Police are advising motorists to slow down and drive with caution in the area as emergency responders remain at the scene.

More to come.

source: theguardian.com