My Mum, Your Dad star breaks down as she makes emotional confession

My Mum, Your Dad continued on Wednesday night, and the episode saw one of the newer contestants, Janey, breaking down in tears.

It came as the group took part in a self-acceptance workshop on the ITV series which saw them digging deep into their thoughts around relationships.

Janey seemed hesitant to take part but eventually opened up.

She told the group about how she has a fear of “rejection and abandonment” because she is adopted.

“I know that things hold me back, I want to have that connection but it’s very deep-rooted,” she said, getting tearful.

She continued: “I’m adopted and I’ve got the best parents in the world but rejection and abandonment – I’m a pleaser.

“It’s only in the past few years that I’ve really addressed it and understand what it means, I will find an excuse to finish things.”

Sharon also got emotional as she stated: “I have lack of confidence in my judgement, I have picked the wrong types in the past.

“It’s a lot, it’s not just myself, it’s been my girls who have been hurt also.”

Addressing the camera later, she went on: “I am a mother first and to have that special somebody would be amazing and the cherry on the cake, but to never have that one person who thinks I am enough is hard.”

The clip urged Janey’s son Will to admit he carried a lot of guilt around with him for his mum being single.

He explained how he believes he may put his mother’s potential partners off by “existing,” admitting he would be unsure of committing to someone with a 19-year-old son.

He also confessed he was “surprised” his mum had opened up about her adoption so soon into the series.

Later, Roger seemed to connect with Janey and praised her for opening up during the workshop.

Roger sadly lost his wife recently and was reluctant to say much during the workshop, but during his conversation with Janey afterwards, the couple’s respective children thought they could sense something between them.

My Mum, Your Dad continues on Thursday at 9pm on ITV.