Flight attendant 'swears by' in-flight skincare routine, plus 5 more tips for glowing skin

Flight attendant looking in mirror

The flight attendant recommended using hydrating products as part of your in-flight skincare routine (Image: Getty Images)

When you’re ticking off your hand luggage essentials, passports, electronics and your wallet are a given, but according to a British Airways flight attendant, it’s important not to forget some wellness essentials too. Flights, and especially long-haul routes, can be a hellish undertaking that leaves you feeling drained and dehydrated at your destination.

But, if you want to arrive looking and feeling your best, and ready to take on your trip with gusto, there are a few skincare products that can work wonders to rehydrate your skin. We spoke to experts from Cult Beauty, as well as taking a couple of tips from BA cabin crew member Maddison, to narrow down five items to ensure you have a luxurious and relaxing flight – even in economy.

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Taking care of your skin doesn’t have to be a long and complicated process, and just a few simple products could be the key to looking “radiant” once you land, according to the skincare experts from Cult Beauty.

The key is to ensure you are protecting your skin and reducing the risk of it drying out. To do this, timing is essential.

Best in-flight skin cleansers

Once you’ve reached cruising altitude, it’s time to start your beauty ritual by cleaning your face. If you wear make-up, this may include removing any products you have to allow your skin time to breathe.

But, even if you don’t wear make-up, a quick cleanse can help remove any dirt or grime that may have settled on the surface of your skin.

Cult Beauty’s experts recommend using travel-friendly cleansing pads that require no rinsing, meaning you can cleanse without having to leave your seat. These pads aim to gently exfoliate and resurface your skin, giving it an instant pick-me-up that will have you looking and feeling rejuvenated.

Best in-flight hydrating skin products

Sometimes on a flight, no matter how much water you drink, dehydration can be hard to shake. This isn’t ideal if you’re dreaming of touching down with glowing skin. Unfortunately, the low humidity within cabins, usually around just 20 percent, coupled with the recycled air, is incredibly drying. This can result in irritated, dry and sometimes even inflamed skin if we don’t work hard to stay hydrated.

Making sure to have plenty of bottles of water to hand is essential, but there are products that can help too.

Given how much time she spends at 35,000ft, British Airways’ Maddison has discovered one simple product that works wonders – and also helps to beat some of the effects of jet lag.

She explained: “Flight attendants swear by gel eye patches as an effective remedy. These patches combat tired eyes and help rehydrate the delicate skin around the eyes, leaving you looking and feeling refreshed.”

Woman wearing under eye patches

Flight attendants ‘swear by’ eye patches, according to Maddison (Image: Getty Images)

To keep your cheeks, forehead and even neck bright and awake, Rina C, a beauty expert from Cult Beauty, recommends Weleda Skin Food.

This ultra-rich cream uses a blend of natural, organic ingredients to repair and revitalise dry skin. “Dry, parched skin (thanks cabin air!) is my ultimate in-flight fight… thanks cabin air! But Weleda’s Skin Food is my skin saviour,” she told Express.co.uk.

“I literally lather this all over my face, like a hot greasy mess. But once I’ve arrived at my destination, my complexion is moisturised, dewy and doesn’t look dehydrated at all! I love it.”

And while you’re focussing on hydrating your face, don’t forget about those lips.

“Although my skin suffers the consequences of short and long-haul flights – hello dryness – it’s my lips that make the true sacrifice. They quickly become cracked and chapped,” explained Alice, another of Cult Beauty’s team of experts.

“You won’t find me without an on-the-go lip saviour, though one that abides by all the airport security rules, of course.”

Alice recommends COOLA’s Hydrating Lip Oil. “The organic hydrating hero is not only infused with a blend of camellia, jojoba oils and vitamin E for a protective layer against drying cabin air but it’s also SPF-friendly so perfect for days by the pool,” she added.

Protect your skin

While an SPF sun cream is a go-to luggage essential, popping a travel-sized cream into your cabin bags can do your skin a world of good. By having sun cream to hand, you can ensure your skin is protected from the moment you step off the plane at your destination.

“SPF is non-negotiable – especially during a flight,” said Cult Beauty beauty and skincare expert Trifonia.

“I can’t board a plane without my trusted bottle of Thank You Farmer’s Sun Project Water Sun Cream SPF50+.

“I make sure to keep the bottle close by so that I can reapply during the flight. And then again once we have landed. And then again throughout the entire holiday. I basically can’t go anywhere without it.”

source: express.co.uk