Russia LIVE: Kim Jong-Un meets with Putin as North Korea fires ballistic missiles

Kim Jong Un met with Russian president Vladimir Putin in a summit this morning and vowed to work together in the future, in a terrifying warning to the West.

The pair shook hands as they met this morning, flanked by an entourage their most senior advisors. During the meeting, Kim Jong-un vowed to strengthen the partnership between Russia and North Korea

He said: “Russia has now risen to defend its national sovereignty and protect its security. We want to further develop relations with the Russian Federation; we have always supported Putin and the Russian government.”

He also called the Russian military operation in Ukraine “a sacred struggle to protect state sovereignty”

The meeting occured as North Korea launched a missile in the latest provocative act in the country’s continuing weapons testing frenzy since the beginning of 2022. Kim leveraged the distraction provided by Putin’s involvement in the Ukraine war to boost his country’s weapons development.

The South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff did not immediately reveal how far these North Korean missiles had travelled.

Meanwhile, Japan’s Coast Guard, using information from Tokyo’s Defence Ministry, stated that the missiles had most likely already landed but encouraged vessels to keep vigilant for falling debris.