F1 LIVE: Lewis Hamilton handed harsh reality check as Max Verstappen 'fear' raised

Jenson Button has revealed he would be more fearful of coming up against Max Verstappen in the same car than with Lewis Hamilton.

The 2008 F1 champion was Hamilton’s team-mate between 2010 and 2012 with the latter coming out on top in that rivalry, but Button feels Verstappen would be a scarier proposition due to his stance at Red Bull.

“I think Lewis has had some very tough team-mates. But, for me, I would be more fearful going up against Max in the same car,” Button told Sky Sports News.

“I think it is because the car is designed around his style, or he can drive a car that Adrian Newey gives him. Adrian Newey gives him a car that says ‘this is the quickest car in the world. If you take away front downforce, it will go slower but be easier to drive’.”

source: express.co.uk