FromSoftware mercifully spares Armored Core 6's most busted shotgun in latest balance patch, despite community memes

I am no galaxy-brained Armored Core 6 theorycrafter. Much of my time the game’s been spent crafting dumb bumper stickers, cobbling together mechs, and praying at the altar of the pile bunker. But even I’ve heard of the Zimmerman.

Armored Core 6’s latest patch has been raising some eyebrows. Aside from balance tweaks to certain pain-point bosses—Balteus, the Sea Spider, and Cel240—the juicy stuff lies in the weapon buffs. Assault rifles and SMGs like the Ludlow and Turner have received a tuneup—as well as the linear rifle Curtis, which is great news for me since it’s one of my go-tos. Most players, however, are wondering how the hell the Zimmerman shotgun came out unscathed. 

Patch 1.02 community reaction from r/armoredcore