Top Boy's Stef star addresses who killed major character: 'He has no heart at all'

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers from Top Boy season 3.

Stef (played by Araloyin Oshunremi) has endured an incredibly difficult time on Top Boy as he grew up without his parents and under the care of his older brother Jamie (Michael Ward).

However after Jamie was killed by Sully (Kane Robinson) and his brother Aaron moved away, Stef was left to fend for himself and he was full of anger.

Over the course of the series, Netflix set Stef up to take revenge on Sully as he was given a gun and he even confronted the killer in the final moments.

However, Stef decided it “wasn’t worth it” and let Sully walk away before he was killed by an unidentified person in his car.

Sully was shot in the head and died instantly before the credits began to roll leaving fans none the wiser as to who killed him.

Now, actor Araloyin has addressed theories about who the gunman was and admitted “I don’t know” if it was Stef.

He explained: “They haven’t said anything to me,” and is “not sure” if Stef could have followed Sully to take him by surprise.

Speaking about Sully’s end, Araloyin told Digital Spy: “I didn’t know the end until very late. I was told on the way to a meeting in the car.

“When I got told the end in the car, I was kind of shocked. I didn’t really expect it.

“But at the same time, everything has to come to an end. All characters must have an end, too.

“Sully [usually] gets away with murder, or he avoids death but when I saw that, I was like, ‘Well, this is finally the end.'”

It wasn’t just Sully who got his comeuppance as Dushane (Ashley Walters) was also killed as he tried to leave Summerhouse with a bag of drugs.

In a devastating twist, it was Sully who killed his old friend as he tried to stop him from taking his drugs.

Reflecting on Dushane’s ending, Araloyin admitted he was surprised he was killed and “upsetting” to watch.

However, it showed Sully really didn’t care, as he concluded: “For Sully to kill Dushane, and to kill him in that way, and to not even shed a tear – well, he shed a tear, but to not even be upset and distraught, but just to watch him die on the floor, and to pick the drugs and climb back over [him] I was like: this guy has no heart at all.”

Top Boy seasons 1-3 and Top Boy: Summerhouse are available to stream on Netflix now.