Make Rick Stein's lemon and blackberry pancakes with an alcoholic twist – recipe

Pancakes come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from thin crepes to stacks of fluffy American and Japanese styles.

The quintessentially British kind, however, are thinner pancakes that are traditionally covered in fresh lemon juice and sugar.

While there’s nothing out of the ordinary about such recipes, this version by chef Rick Stein is a unique twist on the classic dish.

According to the Cornish chef, the crepes are “drizzled” with lemon and blackberry sauces, making for a “fabulous dessert” or “special breakfast”.

The added layer is the vodka-lemon drizzle which is mixed with white caster sugar for a thicker texture.

Start by sieving the flour and salt into a bowl then make a hole in the centre of the mixture.

Add the beaten egg and 100ml of milk, then whisk slowly to incorporate the flour into the liquid gradually.

Continue to do so until it has the consistency of a thick cream, then beat in one tablespoon of the remaining milk.

Set aside then move on to the compote, which starts by putting the blackberries, lemon juice and sugar into a large saucepan.

Heat this gently over a small stove ring until the fruit softens and releases the juices into the sugar. The caster sugar should be dissolved and stirred continually to form a thick syrup.

Remove from the heat and set aside before making the lemon drizzle. Do this by combining the sugar, lemon juice and vodka until it is all dissolved.

Heat a non-stick frying pan and swirl in some oil to coat the base. Pour in enough pancake batter to cover the diameter of the pan evenly and cook for one minute. Flip over to cook on the other side, remove from the heat and leave on a warm plate. Repeat with the remaining mixture, adding to the plate as the pancakes cook.

Serve each one rolled or folded into quarters and drizzle with the lemon mixture followed by the compote.