Tourists killed in crash on Rome's 'most dangerous street' as driver tried to save them

Two Irish tourists were run over and killed in a horrific car accident in Italy’s capital city.

Aged 59 and 60, the victims were crossing a junction with traffic lights in Rome at 1.50pm BST (12.50pm local time) on Thursday when they were hit by a Ford Fiesta, Italian news outlet Corriere reports.

Following the violent impact, the person behind the wheel, a 54-year-old man, got out of his car to provide help as emergency services rushed to the scene.

However, neither the driver nor the paramedics were able to save the Irish nationals, who are believed to have died on impact.

The driver, who hasn’t yet been named, was later taken to Sant’Eugenio hospital as he had also remained injured in the tragedy. 

There, Italian newspaper Leggo wrote, the driver will also undertake alcohol and drugs tests.

Police officers were photographed on the scene of the crash, within a cordoned-off area.

A straw hat, believed to be the property of one of the victims, could be seen lying on the tarmac. 

To allow police officers to conduct an initial analysis of the incident, one of the traffic lanes was shut down to cars. 

One of the details officials will need to ascertain is whether the motorist ran a red light when he hit the two Irish tourists, Corriere wrote. 

The incident happened on a road deemed among the most dangerous in Rome, via Cristoforo Colombo, the main junction in the Eur residential and business district located in the capital’s southern outskirts.  

The last deadly accident on this road happened only two weeks ago, during the night of August 24, when a 19-year-old died as he was behind the wheel of his moped. 

Again, 10 days prior, the manager of a famous beach resort in Ostia, near Rome, also died in an accident while driving a moped.

The speed at which drivers pass through the road is believed to be the main cause of most crashes.