‘I’m a mechanic – Petrol and diesel owners should stop putting product in their cars’

Petrol and diesel drivers have been urged to stop using fuel additives in their cars as it could be a “waste of money” for many motorists, according to leading mechanic Scotty Kilmer.

The YouTube star stressed motorists who own relatively new cars do not need to pour in additives for any reason.

He made clear that additives should only be used on older cars with modern cars not likely to benefit.

Instead, he reveals owners should focus on changing their oil and topping up their fuel tanks as much as possible.

Speaking on his channel, Kilmer said: “Is it worth posting a fuel injector additive to a car? It’s a new car. No, you’re throwing your money down the toilet.

“It’s to clean stuff. It isn’t dirty, it’s a brand-new engine. Don’t throw your money away. Gasoline already comes with all kinds of cleaners now, now there’s good cleaners out there but you put it in a clunker that’s worn out and is clogged up.

“But if you buy a new car and you buy correct gasoline and change the oil regularly you never really need to put an additive in it. Unless it’s a piece of c*** and it’s going to build up all this carbon because it’s built wrong. Then yeah you can put some cleaner and try and help it, If that doesn’t work you have to take the engine apart and take a sandblaster.”

Additives are chemicals that supposedly help your vehicle in many ways such as boosting performance and cleaning key parts.

According to AutoExpress, independent testing from consumer watchdog Which? showed many additives don’t work as well as they are advertised.

The experts warn some of these additives can even increase the cost of petrol by as much as 50 percent.

They also warned that claims made by many additive companies that products increase a fuel’s octane rating are also wrong.

Tests showed none of the additives studied managed to even equal the rating of premium-grade petrol.

Experts at Auto Exhaust and Tyres warn that additives claiming to boost fuel economy rates should definitely be avoided.

They explained: “While there are many additives out there that could come good on their promise, there are some that you should steer clear from.

“Namely: additives which claim to improve fuel efficiency. There have been numerous tests on such additives, none of which have even remotely suggested a link between their usage and a better fuel economy.”

source: express.co.uk