Daniil Medvedev worries 'one player is going to die' at US Open

The world No 3 had already struggled with the heat in his fourth-round match against Alex de Minaur, though it was even hotter during his clash with Rublev. “Brutal match, brutal match, because brutal conditions. So tough, so humid today,2 he said after beating the Australian in four sets.

Medvedev also admitted that he didn’t handle the hot weather very well, something that became evident on Wednesday. He added: “Some people bear better with the heat, some people worse. I feel like I’m not the best one in this case. At the same time I feel like I fight many times through it quite well, so that’s kind of what happened today.”

Once again, he was able to fight through the difficult conditions and defeated Rublev 6-4 6-3 6-4. After the match, Medvedev said the heat was brutal again, revealing that he couldn’t see the ball at one point.

source: express.co.uk