Dan Evans' US Open entourage throw spectator out of players' box during Alcaraz contest

Dan Evans and his team were forced to kick someone out of his player box when they wrongly sat amongst his coaches during the Brit’s clash against Carlos Alcaraz. The world No 28 was trailing the top seed 1-4 in the first set when he approached the umpire to inform him that someone was sitting in his box.

There was a bizarre incident during Evans’ match against Alcaraz on Saturday as a rogue spectator made their way into the British No 2’s box. The 33-year-old was facing the world No 1 for the third time and bidding to get his first win over Alcaraz.

But he found himself in some trouble after going a double break down early on. And there were more issues for Evans at 1-4 down when the Spaniard was serving. While he was waiting to return, the Brit could be seen gesturing towards his coaching camp before he was forced to approach the umpire and complain about someone sitting among his team.

“The guy in the front is not with me,” the world No 28 told Damien Dumusois. “The guy three [rows] up is not with me. With the camera out, he’s not with me.”

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On the commentary for Sky Sports, Jonathan Overend said: “Infiltrater in the player box and Dan isn’t happy.” Retired British pro Laura Robson added: “Someone rogue sat in the player box.”

Evans and Alcaraz played another point but the two-time title winner still wasn’t happy as the spectator in question hadn’t moved. Referencing Evans’ coach for the tournament, Robson also said: “I’m waiting for Beech [Colin Beecher] to tell this bloke to move.” Right on cue, the Brit’s team could be seen telling the man to move as he got up and sat a few rows behind, outside of the box.

source: express.co.uk