Virgin River star looks unrecognisable in throwback snaps from 20 years ago

For many, actor Martin Henderson is best known for his current role, playing Jack Sheridan on Netflix’s Virgin River.

However, the star looked almost unrecognisable in a photo from almost 20 years ago.

As can be expected, Martin has changed his appearance over the years depending on the movie or TV show that he was in.

But at the 2004 press junket for the film Torque, Martin looks considerably more boyish with a very different haircut to one we would expect to see on Virgin River.

The New Zealand-born actor has a much floppier and longer hairstyle, complete with flicked-out lengths and a shaggier fringe. His facial hair is also missing the flecks of grey that are almost a trademark for Jack on the hit Netflix show.

In Torque, Martin played biker Cary Ford who becomes embroiled in the world of a notoriously malicious biker gang after he finds some motorcycles filled with crystal meth. The 2004 movie also stars Ice Cube, Adam Scott, Matt Schulze and Monet Mazur.

Martin has appeared in a vast array of movies and television shows over the years. He’s starred in a number of horror movies, such as 2002’s The Ring, The Strangers: Prey At Night and X.

Many may also remember him from his roles in movies including Smokin’ Aces, Devil’s Knot and Bride and Prejudice.

He was even nominated for an AFI Award and FCCA Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role for his work in the movie Little Fish.

Before landing a role on Virgin River, the actor played Dr Nathan Riggs in Grey’s Anatomy for a total of 45 episodes. He eventually exited the beloved medical drama in season 14 after his character reunited with his missing fiancée and the couple left Seattle to start a new chapter with their son in Los Angeles.

He also starred in Australian television dramas Big Sky, Secrets & Lies and Home and Away. And who can forget his appearance as Britney Spears’ boyfriend in the music video for her hit song Toxic.

Martin is set to return to screens in the upcoming fifth season of Virgin River. And fans will need to tune in to see which dramatic storylines Jack is a part of in the new batch of twelve episodes.

While Virgin River is set to return on September 7, the season has been split into two parts. The first ten episodes will make up part one and two holiday episodes will air later in the year on November 30.

Seasons one to four of Virgin River are available to stream on Netflix, with season five part one airing on September 7.