Putin's mouthpiece admits Ukraine will win war after breakthrough, urges nuclear strike

A pro-Vladimir Putin pundit has admitted that the war is lost for Russia unless Moscow uses a nuclear weapon.

Speaking on Russian State TV, hardliner Vladimir Solovyov slammed Russian officials after the news of a massive Ukrainian drone strike on the airfield in Pskov which damaged or destroyed several Russian aircraft.

“Stop pretending to be bloggers…Why are you posting photos?,” he said at the start of an 11-minute clip of his show Polniy Kontakt (Full Contact) posted on X by Russia expert and journalist Julia Davis.

The propagandist questioned how such an attack could have taken place before claiming that NATO reconnaissance intelligence forces had assisted in the strike. He insisted such forces “must be destroyed”.

“If we are going to wage war, we should wage war,” he said before claiming that a small Ukrainian breakthrough at the city of Robotyne was “the perfect case for a tactical nuclear strike”.

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Solovyov slammed critics calling them “snivelling wimps” before adding “get ready and head for the front! Show how you can do it without nuclear weapons”. He appeared to consign Russia to defeat without the use of nuclear weapons.

The Russian pundit also noted the airbase’s proximity to Estonia and Latvia – both NATO nations – and said if the drones had come from the Baltic states it was time to “erase them from the face of the Earth”.

“If the strike was launched from a NATO country this is NATO’s declaration of war against Russia,” he said, “that means in response, nuclear weapons should be immediately used.”

The comments come as Ukraine attempts to force a breakthrough in the Zaporizhzhia region.

Kyiv’s forces have taken the village of Robotyne and are now assaulting Verbove on the main Russian defensive line. Video on social media purported to show Ukrainian forces behind Russian defences in the area.

“One Russian mil blogger characterized the Russian situation in Verbove as difficult but claimed that Ukrainian forces have not yet breached the Russian defensive line in the area,” according to the Institute for the Study of War.

However, other reports suggested that Ukraine’s forces had penetrated Russia’s main defensive line – such a breakthrough could reinvigorate what has been a slow-moving counteroffensive.

In addition, Moscow and Putin are feeling the pressure at home after a campaign of drone strikes by Ukraine against the capital and other high-value targets.

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source: express.co.uk