PlayStation Plus Price Hike: Is it time to unsubscribe?

ApocalypseShadow7h ago(Edited 7h ago)

I just find it humorous.

I’ve been single player for years. But most gamers will disagree with common sense.

They want bigger and better games with more detail, polish, etc. But don’t want to pay for it. They want bigger and better offerings in subscription services but don’t want to pay for it.

Told gamers years ago that paying for online will just make it worse where everyone would have to pay for it. And it happened because they didn’t listen. Sony minimized it by giving games away each month. But gamers now demand more and bigger games for paying as little as $5-7 dollars a month when the games they get cost more than what they are paying. Add up the game prices for each months offerings from the PlayStation Store and compare it to how much you spend. What costs more? You just don’t get to keep them with full ownership. Gamers have now become spoiled and greedy. You say companies want more. But so do you.

Tell gamers to wait for a sale and they bitch that they should be getting these things for almost nothing. Companies then decide to make money elsewhere to offset the millions they spent making these games. And gamers complain about that.

The rest of the gamers must not be of age to pay their own way because they neglect that inflation is affecting everyone. Including businesses. Sony has kept mostly everyone and not fired thousands like Microsoft and Facebook have. But those workers needs raises too to offset the inflation. Gamers don’t care. “Sony’s making money. Blah blah blah”

It’s pretty interesting how 1st world gamers have a cow over something fun. (And I’m 1st world.) But not actually needed in their lives. Unless, they have no other source to entertain themselves and live on the Internet.

All gamers have to do is wait for a sale or do what I do: don’t pay for it and play local multiplayer with friends or family. Which is actually just as fun. Can’t always happen because friends and family move. But it is what it is. Pay for it which is not much compared to all those games prices added up. Wait for it because prices do come down or sales are offered. Or don’t pay for it at all.

You do have a choice. But don’t just blame these companies raising prices without the context of why. And look in the mirror as to what you unreasonably expect out of these games and services but don’t want to pay. You wanted better consoles. And companies responded with consoles that do way more than when PS2 was out. You wanted bigger and better games and companies responded by developing and researching games to make things like Ghost of Tsushima or Horizon. You wanted better services and better connections to play online. Companies did that too. But you can’t expect to pay little for it.