Runham Wildlife Rescue charity to close after losing premises

An animal rescue charity said it would close after 17 years as it had found it “impossible” to find somewhere new to rent and provide shelter.

Runham Wildlife Rescue in Rollesby, near Great Yarmouth, announced on Facebook it was having to close its site to new arrivals.

Existing animals would go into foster homes or stay at home with staff.

Director Kelly Wolmer said: “It breaks my heart that we, after such efforts, will have to move on.”

Kelly Wolmer holding a guinea pig

Kelly Wolmer, 33, has run the rescue charity since 2006

Runham Wildlife Rescue began as a small parrot rescue site for domestic species in 2006.

Ten years later, it expanded to care for wildlife and unwanted or neglected pets.

The charity said it got about 30 calls a day for wildlife rehabilitation and it cared for about three and 13 animals at a time, depending on the time of year.

As animal intake grew, it set up a medical room and new aviary space.

While looking for new premises, Ms Wolmer and other volunteers have been caring for some animals in several locations, including their own homes.

Two ferrets in a cage

The charity mainly cared for lost pets, including ferrets and racing pigeons

The charity said on Facebook: “The process of finding someone to take us on is causing a tremendous amount of strain and stress.

“Now we are just running on empty trying to find a premises.

“I have grown to love the local community of Rollesby and it breaks my heart that we, after such efforts, will have to move on, but we just want what’s best for our staff and animals.”

Two rabbits drinking from a bottle

The site cared for all species of wildlife

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